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2015.6.6 Charity Concert

2016 Piano Concreto 

Students' Videos

2016 Love of Autumn Melody

Ethan Yang
Piano Concerto in A minor op 44,1st mvt by Berkovich  

Amy Yan
Piano Concerto in A minor op 44, 3rd mvt by Berkovich  

Yiren Wang
Concerto Romantique 3rd mvt by C. Rollin  

Annie Hu
Concerto in C major 1st mvt by C. Rolli  

David Chen
Concerto in C major 3rd mvt by C. Rollin  

Mandy Chen
Concertino (Arranged) by Y. Polunin  

Joanna Xu
Piano Concerto in A major no.23 K 488 1st mvt (Arranged)by W.A.Mozart 

Angela Li
Piano Concerto in C major no.21 k467 2nd mvt (Arranged)by W.A.Mozart  

David Xia
Piano Concerto in F major H.XVlll 1st mvt. by Haydn  

Johnny Peng
Piano Concerto Yellow River 2nd mvt by Yin  

Daniel Qin
Piano Concerto A minor op.16 1st mvt by E. Grieg  

Harris Zheng
Piano Concerto no.1 in G minor op.25, 1st. mvt by Mendelssohn 

2015 Canadian Music Competition National Round

Emma Wei 比赛实况

Piano Concerto No.23 in a Major K488 1st Mvt. Mozart  

2014 Recital

Rebecca Jin

A little Bamboo Raft          Fu&Li

Kelly Han

Monkey's in the tree      B.Berlin

Tracy Wu

Etude Op25,  No.2                        Chopin

Sapphire Peng

Puppet's Dance
David Xia
Gavotte in D Major          Gossec
Ryan Shi
Fountain op 221 & Waltz in e-minor & Concerto in D Major 1st mvt
Bohan Zhang
Three little Pieces & Song of the lark & Sonatina in C Major
Vincent Gao & Edward Gao
 Two Symphonic Pieces Op14 & Sonata in C Major 1st & 2nd mvt  &  Dolly Suite
Angelina&Ellita Sang
Sonata in D, k.448 2nd&3rd mvt & Mikroksmos, Part 1&VII
Tina Li & Jenny Bi
Dolly Suite: I & V
Hannah Wang
Mozart Concerto in C minor (half)---Portland, OR USA
2011 Piano Concreto Open Class

Luke (11 yrd)
Piano Concerto in A Major k.488 1st mvt         Mozart

Harmony (5 yrd)
Piano Concerto In A Major k.488 2nd mvt.        Mozart

Harris (10 yrd)
Piano Concerto in A Major k.488 3rd mvt.         Mozart

Sarah (15 yrd)
Piano Concerto in E flat Major Op.73 1st mvt.  Beethoven

Tracy (14 yrd)
Piano Concerto in A Minor 1st mvt.                   Grieg
Fei(8岁)---Sonatina in C Major
Nancy(RCM Grade 6): Study in A Major
2010 Piano Recital





Beethoven-Sonata for Piano and Violin no 5, "Spring Sonata"

Horowitz plays Chopin Polonaise Op. 53 in A flat major

Yundi Li plays Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2